DDBC Executive Director, Tim Rissesco, Receives Certification in Leadership in Place Management

The Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission (DDBC) is pleased to announce that its executive director, Tim Rissesco, is one of the first round of people in North America to receive a Certification in Leadership in Place Management (LPM). The LPM certification was created in 2021, by the International Downtown Association (IDA).

The certification is achieved through passing an exam, offered twice a year by IDA, and measures proficiency in the following domains:

• Leadership Development

      o Leadership Skills

      o Board Leadership

      o Planning

      o External Relationship Building

• Organizational Management

      o Organizational Structure

      o Board Management

      o Managing a Team

      o Finance

      o Governance

• Economic Development

      o Business Recruitment/Retention

      o Real Estate, Development & Redevelopment

      o Specialty Markets & Trends

• Planning, Design & Infrastructure

      o Urban Planning Basics

      o Active Transportation and Mobility

      o Sustainability

• Policy and Advocacy

      o Government Relations

      o Stakeholder/Community Engagement

      o Research

      o Equity and Inclusion

• Public Space Management and Operations

      o Clean, Safe and Hospitality

      o Maintenance & Beautification

      o Fundamentals of Placemaking

      o Social Services

• Marketing, Communications, and Events

      o Marketing

      o Communications

      o Events

Maintaining the certification requires ongoing professional development credits in the domains, and adhering to the ethical standards set by the LPM commission.

DDBC would also like to congratulate fellow local BID leaders to receive certifications, Michelle Champniss, Sackville Business Association, and Paul MacKinnon, Downtown Halifax Business Commission. Maureen Healey, Bronte Village Business Improvement Association (Ontario), was the other Canadian to become certified in the first round. In total, 22 urban place management professionals earned the LPM certification in 2021.

Announcement from David Downey, CEO of the International Downtown Association

List of Urban Place Management leaders in North America to have now been certified as Leaders in Place Management (LPM)