Nocturne: Art at Night is a Fall festival held every October! This FREE event celebrates the visual arts scene in Halifax/Dartmouth. This year, Nocturne is taking place on October 13-17th, 2020. 

Downtown Dartmouth Nocturne Projects

Trainyard General Store is offering clay tags during the shop's open hours during the full run of the Nocturne festival (while supplies last.) Folks of all ages are welcome to pick up a DIY art kit from the store, free of charge, to take home. You'll find instructions on how to use the clay to make impressions with found objects and enough clay to create your own small charm! More information can be found here

The Dart Gallery is hosting a vibrant show called Landscapes, Lines, Life featuring the work of Brian Hotson and other artists. You will be dazzled and amazed at how places you know well look entirely different when re-imagined in recognizable yet abstract and colourful ways. Everyone welcome to view the show during the gallery's open hours. More information can be found here 

Turple Communications will showcase LED art on their incredible light wall at 198 Portland Street every night. There is a special Nocturne event on Saturday, October 17, from 6 pm to midnight called Turple Lights! The light wall will flash in time to energetic music. All welcome; social distancing measures are in place. More information can be found here