Nova Scotia Power, The Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission (DDBC), Councillor Sam Austin, and District 5 Capital Fund  are seeking public art proposals for the installation of a mural on the outside of the Nova Scotia Power building on the corner of Maple Street and Ochterloney Street. (Pictured left)


June 2, 2022

Call for artists for public art project downtown Dartmouth

HALIFAX, NS - The Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission (DDBC) and Nova Scotia Power are seeking public art proposals for the installation of a mural downtown Dartmouth.

The original work of art will be installed on property owned by Nova Scotia Power on the corner of Maple Street and Ochterloney Street. The goal of the installation is to promote growth and development in downtown Dartmouth.

DDBC works collaboratively and respectfully with all members in the community to make downtown Dartmouth a welcoming and attractive place to do business. DDBC seeks to develop meaningful partnerships that contribute to inclusive decision making and reflect the creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial spirit of its members.

With funding from Nova Scotia Power and DDBC, the original work of art will represent and welcome the diverse ideas, cultures, communities, and people to the district.

As part of Nova Scotia Power’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy, the company is focused on support for programs and initiatives that promote a culture of inclusion, equity and diversity, help remove barriers, and advance education and awareness in Nova Scotian communities.

Nova Scotia Power will continue to work with organizations in Nova Scotia to identify other opportunities for partnership and investment.

All applicants must submit their proposal to by June 30, 2022 to be included for consideration.

For more information about the public art project and how to apply, please visit


 “Downtown Dartmouth is a vibrant, welcoming and supportive community. We hope the work of art preserves the small-town feel of downtown Dartmouth and captures the unique character of the district.”

Tim Rissesco, CEO of Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission 


“Art plays a significant role in bringing a sense of purpose and community connection to Downtown Dartmouth. This project will be a great example of that, and one that will demonstrate our shared commitment to elevating and supporting our community.”

Poet Comeau, Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, Board Member; Owner, Lake City Cider

“We are pleased to partner with DDBC on an exciting project to bring an original work of art to a prominent building in downtown Dartmouth. It will be so thrilling to see an artist’s vision come to life on one of our buildings to help celebrate the strength and diversity of the local community.”

Carol Dayment, Nova Scotia Power, Senior Advisor Diversity, Equality & Inclusion 

About Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission

Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission or DDBC, delivers a wide range of programs to promote growth and development in downtown Dartmouth. The Commission is a conduit for input into downtown Dartmouth improvement projects and champions the vitality of downtown Dartmouth. The Commission serves its members through planning, development, coordination, liaison, publications and advocacy. Learn more at

About Nova Scotia Power

Nova Scotia Power Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emera Inc. (TSX-EMA), a diversified energy and services company. Nova Scotia Power provides 95% of the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power to more than 525,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers across Nova Scotia. The company is focused on new technologies to enhance customer service and reliability, reduce emissions and add renewable energy. Nova Scotia Power has over 1,700 employees and $4.1 billion in operating assets. Learn more at

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Tim Rissesco, CEO

(902) 466-2997

Nova Scotia Power

Jacqueline Foster, NSP Senior Communications Advisor

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Call for Artists/Proposals

Downtown Dartmouth Public Art Project

Project Budget: $40,000

Deadline for Submission: June 30, 2022

Project Description

The Downtown Dartmouth Public Art Project is seeking artist-led proposals for the design of an original work of art to be installed on property owned by Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NS Power) in downtown Dartmouth. The site of the artwork is located outside the building on the corner of Maple Street and Ochterloney Street.

The total budget for the project is $40,000.00 CDN inclusive of net HST.

The tentative project schedule is as follows:

Submission deadline: June 30, 2022

Selection and notification: July 11, 2022

Agreement, Detailed Design: June 2022

Project Installation: Summer/Fall 2022


Safety, health and wellness of all employees and the communities they serve are core values at Nova Scotia Power. NSP is committed to providing diverse and inclusive workplaces, where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. It is important that the artwork commissioned through this process reflect NS Power’s values and be engaging to a wide range of audiences of all ages, interests, cultural backgrounds and socio-economic realities.

In responding to this opportunity, applicants should apply special consideration to ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion are a key focus.

It is not necessary or desired that these considerations result in a literal or direct representation of any or all of the aspects listed above, but that the proposals exhibit an understanding of and an implicit appreciation for the dynamic and diverse uses of the space, and the equally diverse community that the space exists within.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Dartmouth Public Art Project will be administered in accordance with NS Power’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion framework:

At Nova Scotia Power, we see the diversity of our team as one of our strengths – and something we continue to focus on and celebrate. Our five-year community investment strategy focuses on supporting programs, organizations and initiatives that promote inclusion, equity and diversity, helping to remove barriers and advance education and driving awareness in our communities.

It’s powerful when everyone is included. We recognize that leveraging the thoughts of a diverse workforce helps us to be innovative and provides the best service to our customers.

As well as the core values of DDBC, which states:

The Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission will foster a diverse community by welcoming a diversity of ideas, cultures, communities and people to the district.

The framework and core values are reflected in the goals of this process, which include the development of:

Diversity: To represent and welcome the diverse ideas, cultures, communities and people to the district;

Entrepreneurial spirit: To reflect the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of its members to foster the unique character and growth of the district; and

Meaningful partnerships: To develop positive and respectful internal and external partnerships that contribute to inclusive decision making.

Opportunity Site: Mural

A single prominent location in downtown Dartmouth has been identified for public art installation.

Applicants wishing to view the site should arrange access via the staff lead for this project.

Site Specifics

The building footprint is 64’ by 31’. The outside of the building facing Ochterloney Street is composed of four hollow clay tiles and five concrete columns. The outside of the building facing Maple Street is composed of two hollow clay tiles and three concrete columns.

The colour scheme of the building features blue-grey coloured panels between unfinished concrete pilasters. The bottom half of the building is made of concrete block and painted cream coloured.

Contact to receive a PDF copy of the detailed dimensions and site specifications.

Submission Requirements

Email all documentation as one (1) PDF document in portrait format, not to exceed a file size of 15 MB to:

1. COVER PAGE – Please provide accurate contact information for the applicant, including mailing address, email address and phone numbers for the project lead (if submitting as a team), website information (where applicable), as well as the names of all collaborating parties. 

2. ARTIST CV- Please include a brief bio and a resume outlining the professional experience of the applicant (not to exceed 2 pages). If submitting as a group, please include a resume for the project lead (maximum 2 pages), and brief bios for each of the participating members.

3. STATEMENT OF INTEREST – 200 words (or less) that explain why the artist/team is interested in this opportunity and how their practice relates to this project and the posted selection criteria.

4. VISUAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION- A PRELIMINARY visual concept (drawings/renderings) sufficient to illustrate the applicant’s approach to the site(s). **

5. WRITTEN PROJECT DESCRIPTION- 500 words (or less) that describe the project, including relevant project methodology. **

** It is understood that the project descriptions received at this stage through this process will be preliminary in nature, and intended to express the concept of the artwork, not the detailed final design. The selected concept and all particulars pertaining to the installation of the artwork will be further developed post-award in consultation with members of the project team.

6. DIGITAL IMAGE WORK SAMPLES – Applicants must submit a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 samples of past work that best illustrate their qualifications for this project. Submit each image on a separate page, portrait format, and include title of work, artist(s), location, commissioning agency, date and budget. If submitting as a team, the team submits no more than 10 images.

Format Guidelines

1. All supporting documents must be complete and strictly adhere to these guidelines and submission requirements (above) or risk not being considered.

2. All submissions must be formatted to 8.5 x 11-inch pages, portrait format.

3. Submission files must be 15 MB or smaller.

4. If submitting as a team, the team should designate one representative to complete the entry form. Each team member must submit individual resume/curriculum vitae. (See Submission Requirements)

5. All documents must be sent by email to: and must be received on or before 4pm local time, June 30, 2022

Incomplete or late applications cannot be considered as part of the review process.

Questions regarding the expectations of the submission process should be directed to:

Selection Process

This is a single-stage process.

A peer selection panel comprised of arts sector representatives and community representatives will review all application materials and will make a recommendation to select based on the quality and merit of the submissions. Representatives of NS Power and DDBC will provide a framework to the selection panel on the theme/intent of the project and context on the project site/building. At the conclusion of the review, the selection panel, at their sole discretion, will recommend the selection of one artist/artist team to undertake the work.

The selection panel reserves the right to request additional information from any of the applicants to inform their decision. The panel also reserves the right to make no recommendation from the submitted applications.

Once the selection panel has recommended a proposal and an award has been issued, the successful artist/artist team will be asked to prepare detailed concept designs based on the preliminary proposals. The successful artist will also be required to execute a formal agreement containing terms and conditions such as safety requirements.


Proposals will be evaluated through peer assessment. The review process will be informed by a technical review of the proposals by representatives within NP Power and Downtown Dartmouth Business commission, where deemed necessary. Preference will be given to diverse applicants.