DO IT IN DARTMOUTH - Have you been to The Dahlia by Jukai lately?
Our Downtown Dartmouth testing crew checked out The Dahlia for happy hour this week and were SO impressed with the prices, the quality of the food and service and the beautiful cocktails. TIP: Try their signature cocktail named "The Dahlia. It's pink and pretty, contains Prosecco among other delicious ingredients and comes garnished with an edible flower, which we ate.
Happy Hour is offered daily (Tuesday to Sunday) from 4 pm - 6 pm. In fact, ON SUNDAYS, it's HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY LONG! There are several food and drink specials on offer during happy hour. We went on taco night when margaritas were also on special We also ordered edamame for the table and some spicy crab rolls off the main menu. Both portions were generous and so yummy!
The Dahlia by Jukai offered us an unpretentious and cozy experience, but it still felt a bit fancy in a good way. We sat on the couches, which were super cozy and private. Next time, we'll sit at one of the nicely distanced tables with extraordinary views of the harbour. We also played a few rounds of pool, also overlooking the harbour. Even better - the pool table is FREE!
Our testing crew loved The Dahlia by Jukai, and we'll be back. Maybe on a Sunday...


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