She’s the owner of Power Promotional Concepts on Portland Street in downtown Dartmouth.  The company has been around since 1998, but Rachelle took over in 2010 and moved to downtown Dartmouth in 2013.  She says over the past seven years it has been especially exciting to see all the new food and beverage places popping up nearby. 

Rachelle says is so happy she moved her business downtown, to be part of a supportive community.  That support goes both ways, as Power Promotional Concepts teamed up with Halifax ReTales to offer the Love Local Shop online where proceeds from all goods sold benefit local charities.  Right now, proceeds are donated to Phoenix Youth, the Eddie Carvery Fund and Black Lives Matter Solidarity Fund NS.  The items sold on the site are designed and printed locally.  It’s a great place for holiday gifts! Lots of Dartmouth and Nova Scotia-themed goods.  Note: The Very Dartmouth Christmas sweater sold out in a few days, but a new order is on its way.  https://locallove.retales.ca/


We know from working with Rachelle that she’s a rock star, but few know she actually was a member of the all-girl rock band The Stolen Minks!  That creativity and drive comes through on the business side.  If you need a creative way to promote your business, Rachelle and her team will make it happen – from sweatshirts to socks to stuffed animals – and beyond.

Photo by James Arthur MacLean

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    Hi there, are you selling the “A Very Dartmouth Christmas Sweatshirt” this year?

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