Crystal Garrett – Director of Communications and Marketing

Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission

Crystal oversees all of the DDBC’s communications, marketing and media relations. She was a TV host and broadcast journalist before joining the downtown Dartmouth team, plus she has experience in public relations education and non-profit communications to the team. Crystal is a huge fan of big ideas like eye-catching public art, light installations and other creative ways to beautify downtown. She enjoys working with community partners to make exciting things happen. Crystal also practices what she preaches in supporting local businesses first.

Fun fact: Crystal loves to run around downtown Dartmouth. She laces up for fun and fitness now, but back in the day, she was a member of Canada’s national team for 10 km.

Why I love Dartmouth: My favourite part of living and working downtown is being on a first-name basis with the people who run the businesses. Plus, I consistently find things in Downtown Dartmouth that one just can’t find anywhere else. I always eat well, and I always give the best gifts!

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