Christine Stokes – Office Manager

Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission

Christine is the person you really need to know at the DDBC.  She’s the one on the front lines who assists members of our business community with all manner of concerns everyday. Christine handles all of our accounting and other DDBC money matters. She also organizes our monthly Business Links Networking events, the Spring Clean Up, the Community Shredding events and much more.

Fun Fact: Christine has worked in downtown Dartmouth longer than anyone else on the team. She started at the DDBC in 1999.

Why I love Dartmouth: I grew up in Dartmouth, in fact, I’ve lived here my entire life.  I love everything about the place.  I’ve seen many changes over the years, and I believe Dartmouth is getting better all the time.  I love that I get to help make a difference in my community every day in the work that I do with the DDBC.

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