The future is BRIGHT in downtown Dartmouth – literally!

Downtown Dartmouth is now the home of a 2-in-1 mural at the corner of Portland Street and Victoria Road.  The Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission commissioned Philadelphia-based artists David Guinn and Sasha Anistratova to create this one-of-a-kind illuminated masterpiece.  

By day, the mural is a bold, bright and graphic interpretation of our eclectic and vibrant downtown Dartmouth neighborhood.  The wall can be seen from just about anywhere on Portland Street.   Folks might recognize that the royal blue and yellow stripes are evocative of the original city of Dartmouth flag.   

By night, the mural transforms into a bright display of changing light, evoking the optimism and revival of downtown Dartmouth.   The LED lighting has a neon-like quality, and uses only the equivalent energy required to light a few incandescent lightbulbs.  

It’s one of only a handful of such LED-lighted murals in the world. The hope is that local artists will be inspired to create more lighted and multi-dimensional murals in our community.  

Come check it out in the day, and at night! #neonmural

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