Downtown Dartmouth Gift Certificates

Posted on November 07, 2017 04:06 pm Comments
Downtown Dartmouth Gift Certificates

The Perfect Gift for a loved one, a friend, a colleague - and your favourite local independent businesses!

See the photo for a list of participating businesses who accept Downtown Dartmouth Gift Cards.

Downtown Dartmouth Gift Certificate FAQ

Q: How do the gift certificates work?  
A: People can purchase a gift certificate in any amount they wish.   The cards can be redeemed at any participating business.  If there is a balance left on the card, the customer hangs on to the gift certificate to be spent later at any participating business.  A list of participating businesses is given to each customer upon purchase of a gift certificate.

Q: How do business owners get reimbursed? 
A: Business owners will be reimbursed every time you spend a gift card in thier business.

Q: Where do people purchase the gift certificates? 
A: People can buy them anytime from our offices at the DDBC and at THE DART GALLERY AT 127 PORTLAND STREET during oipen hours.  

Q:  Why doe the DDBC operate the gift certificate program?  
A: It gives people a simple option for offering a gift that suits a variety of tastes and ages.  The money spent on the gift certificates directly benefits local businesses.