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Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) for businesses in Dartmouth:

How do I become a member of the DDBC?

If your business or property is located within the Downtown Dartmouth area, you automatically become a member of the DDBC. Businesses outside the boundaries cannot join the DDBC.

How is the DDBC different from other business organizations?

Membership in a Business Improvement District (BID) is based solely on geographic location. Once a BID is established, every business and commercial property owner within the area is automatically a member and contributes to the association through a tax levy on their property tax bill. The mandate of a BID is to improve a specific geographic area. In the case of DDBC, that specific geographic location is downtown Dartmouth.

Are there other BIDs?

The BID movement has been growing steadily over the past two decades.
Currently there are six BIDs in HRM - Downtown Dartmouth, Spring Garden Road, downtown Halifax, Gottigen Street, Quinpool Road and Sackville. There are thousands more across Canada, the United States and throughout the world.

How is the DDBC funded?

The DDBC is funded by a tax levy collected by HRM on all properties within the Downtown Dartmouth boundaries. This levy makes up 65% of the DDBC's operating budget. Each year, members are invited to the Annual General Meeting.

How can members become involved with the DDBC?

The DDBC strives to keep members informed of our work through
newsletters, annual reports and a website. Members can participate through committees and survey responses, as well as participation in special events and promotional activities.

How can the DDBC help me promote my business?

Our mandate is to promote the entire downtown. We do this by promoting unique assets of the area and highlighting events and programs that draw and retain customers downtown. With over 400 members, the DDBC within its resources aims to support Downtown business activities through the Business Talk Newsletter.

Who is responsible for the various civic signs and services?

Please open the related link for this and use it as your guide.

What are MY RESPONSIBILITIES in keeping the Capital District clean and litter free?

Please open and save the related PDF file for this and use it as your guide.

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